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REPAIR STATIONS at the Pheonix Gallery, Brighton

repair stations 

Pheonix Gallery, Brighton.

24th – 27th May 2012  11am – 5pm

1.  Bring something you would like repaired

2.  Write down a story

3.  Locate it on the map.

4.  Walk the new routes

Over four days I will be re-mapping the local area based on your stories.  I will be mending your old clothes, replacing buttons, fix fallen hems, broken seams, torn pockets…. in return I am asking for a story about the local area: something someone once told you, official history, a plan for the future, a recollection from last week, or last year… write it down whilst I am sewing and then locate it on a map.  At the end of the four days a new map will be made and sent out to all participants to use for extraordinary journeys.

Repair Stations is a participatory performance project set up to bring together the two protective actions of sewing and walking.


Along with a new series of maps by myself, this month we are exhibiting some wonderful paintings by Rebecca Ash and some really extraordinary constructed photographs by Brighton based photographer Ben Westwood.

Come and have a look and grab a pint whilst you are at it- The Prestonville Arms: 64 Hamilton Road, Brighton BN1 5DN